"As a psychiatrist, there is always the need to work with a good therapist. Over the past 15 years, Christyn Nelson and I collaborated on more cases than I can remember, and with Christyn, it is true collaboration.  She unselfishly encourages the participation of each collaborator resulting in superior treatment outcomes.  Christyn excels in family and couple's therapy, in addition to her abilities as an individual psychotherapist and case-manager.  Christyn's insight, knowledge, and skills create pivotal moments in the treatment process.  It is always a pleasure to participate with Christyn in patient treatment, and it is always rewarding to witness the growth and improvement of patients through our collaborative efforts."

- Robert Woods, M.D.

"Every turning point in my life, is traced by vivid memories of my work with Christyn Nelson.  Truths we uncovered, sentences we re-wrote, stories we knocked down, these things were the fuel for my a-ha moments.  As a client of Christyn's for over 9 years, I've found her greatest expression of love to be the way she makes sure my change is actionable change.  If I did the work to be vulnerable, to have the desire to self-reflect, and to be supported by Christyn while doing so, then she would be my partner in setting up my new game plan.  It might be as small as a new morning ritual, or an extensive all out plan to change things around, but Christyn’s advice would become the corner stone to my new start.  Every, single, time. Whether it was un-pin-pointabledepression, a threatening injury, loss, or just lacking motivation and direction, I would find myself back in Christyn’s office, I would find myself with my partner, ready to push me to be resilient, self-loving, and authentic with this grand gift of mine, life. "

- A Former Patient  (Name withheld to protect confidentiality.)

"Christyn is unbelievably empathic, thoughtful and kind.  In divorcing families there is a lot of raw emotion, blame and confusion for the children, to say nothing of the parents.  Over three difficult years, my children, my former spouse and I have all come to love Christyn because she was fair, honest and helpful despite our different stories and agendas.  Christyn will help you evolve as a better parent.  So you only need to ask yourself: is there anything more important than the long term happiness of you and your family?  Christyn will be your counselor, referee and coach when you most need her.  She shepherds families to greater acceptance and higher functioning despite the circumstances."

- A Former Patient (Name withheld to protect confidentiality.)

"Christyn Nelson has counseled my daughter through three different phases of her life - when she was in fifth grade, ninth grade, and in the summer before she went to college.  My daughter learned to cope with AD/HD and social/performance anxiety through her sessions with Christyn.  Christyn is always warm and welcoming, yet still able to get to the crux of the matter while teaching positive strategies.  My daughter was given and taught how to use the tools necessary to navigate in a world of extroverts.  I wholeheartedly recommend Christyn for her professionalism, warmth, and ability to reach and connect with children and teenagers."

- A Former Patient (Name withheld to protect confidentiality.)

"When children are involved, Christyn at all times places their best interest first, listens intently, assists parents on resolving those behaviors destructive to the health of a family, intact or not; her expertise is not for sale to one side or the other.  I highly recommend Christyn when parents are in conflict; raising, co-parenting, disciplining, etc. their children and are willing to learn tools to resolve conflict."

- Violet Woodhouse, Attorney and Author

""As a co-worker at St. Joseph Hospital and a professional colleague for over 25 years, I highly recommend Christyn Nelson to individuals and families seeking an experienced, results-oriented therapist.  Christyn is a genuinely warm, skilled and ethical therapist who encourages and mentors individuals and families to promote productive life changes."

- Lynne Conger, LCSW

"Christyn Nelson provides the perfect balance of compassion, discipline and insight in her practice.  I cannot think of a better therapist to help people adjust to the changes life brings."

- A Former Patient (Name withheld to protect confidentiality.)

"Christyn pushed me when needed, was easy on me when she thought that was best, but kept all of my background in mind.  Over the course of my therapy, I became a more "whole" person.  I began to enjoy my life and the people around me.  I began to comprehend what was holding me back from exploring and enjoying what genuinely belonged to me.  It is difficult to describe in a short paragraph the positive things that have developed in my life with Christyn's help and guidance."

- A Former Patient (Name withheld to protect confidentiality.)

"Christyn Nelson is one of the most competent and caring therapists I know!  She has a wonderful ability to connect, understand and help people with their difficult situations."  

- Michael G. Webb, MFT

"Christyn Nelson is an experienced therapist with integrity and a great personality.  The clients who I referred to Christyn have benefited from her knowledge and guidance."

- Deborah McCarthy, RD, Nutrition Consultant

"As a colleague of Christyn Nelson, I find she displays many of the qualities necessary to make a fabulous therapist.  She treats her clients with the utmost integrity, care, and concern.  I feel very confident referring to Christyn and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist of the highest caliber."

- Ginger Houseman, MS, MA, MFT